About This Blog

PUBLISHED ON DEC 10, 2019 — CATEGORIES: personal

Going self-hosted has been inmensely beneficial for me in the last years. I’ve been able to learn a lot from the process, and to emancipate from many external services, with the consequent gain in privacy, convenience and comfort. E-mail, Data storage, git, and other self-made apps are just a few examples.

This blog, and the whole webpage in general goes in that direction. It is a static webpage powered by HUGO. It is very versatile but also very responsive and low-maintainance, and so far I’m having a blast working on it. Among many other things, it features a lot of integration functionalities, like $\LaTeX$ formatting and code highlighting:

import random

def foo(min: int, max: int) -> int:
    Returns a random integer in the range ``[min, max)``.
    return random.randint(min, max - 1)

x = foo(0, 10)

One of the things that I never considered self-hosting are tech tips and code solutions, for one single reason: I happily used StackOverflow. Whenever I couldn’t find a solution for an existing problem, I uploaded my own. This way I gave back to the amazing and highly qualified community that helped me out so many times, and it also served me to keep track of my own path. But having a personal blog will also allow me to have more independence and cover other topics that may be more personal or fit less into the QA format.

Having them available online will be very convenient for me, but hopefully also for others. Thanks for passing by!