Ballad in D-Flat Major

PUBLISHED ON MAY 3, 2020 — CATEGORIES: creations

During my years as a composition student, I think it was inevitable at a given point to feel resonance with the particular authors I was studying (of course, ones more than others). And as the composition courses in Vigo were structured chronollogically (history and techniques of western music from Gregorian chant to IIWW), this was definitely the case in 2012, when I composed this romantic ballad.

After the hardcore days of baroque counterpoint and classical forms were left behind, I remember going through the romantic repertoire with the same sense of wildness and liberation as they possibly felt back then: It was a delight trying to find in which way each different author “broke” the rules and how rich and enjoyable the results were.

In this composition I focused on a few of these aspects: the introduction of improvisatory elements into the structure, the (associated) big range and fluctuation of the dramatic tension, and the usage of melodies, harmonies and textures typical of that time, including some good old free counterpoint (for the lack of proper technique 😃)

The composition won the I Concurso de Micropezas at the Conservatorio Superior. Here is the sheet music and a recording that I made a few years after. The work and media in this post are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Feel free to contact me if you want any more details or you are planning to play it!

Sheet Music

Audio recording:

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