The other Keyboard

PUBLISHED ON DEC 10, 2019 — CATEGORIES: personal

As a musician, I’ve always leaned more towards theory than praxis, and in the last years, I really commited to the algorithmic side of things.

This wasn’t always the case: when I moved to Germany, I practiced quite often and still had my last Piano year at the Conservatorio Profesional (I have to thank all teachers – especially Yolanda Represas, my piano teacher – for their support, since such studies at a distance are particularly challenging).

My program for the final exam was Bach’s second English Suite, Beethoven’s Pathétique, and Pégase from Demis visvikis. This is a practice session at the MH Freiburg that I could salvage from an old cell phone:

And here an excerpt from a concert at the Goethe Institut, also in Freiburg:

From the hair and playstyle, you can definitely tell that I was into metal at that time! 😅 Indeed, I was a member of Visions Of Tragedy, a band devoted to progressive metal in all its glory:

We had a lot of fun rehearsing and we even got to play in some sizable gigs. Unfortunately, I had to leave when I moved to Germany.

My aspiration playing piano was always to be decent enough to have fun playing with others, enjoy some famous pieces and as a helpful tool for composition-related tasks. I think I succeeded in that! All in all, it was an amazing experience, and from that I definitely can tell that theory without praxis makes no sense at all.

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