PureData with Arduino

PUBLISHED ON MAY 5, 2020 — CATEGORIES: explorations

In 2014 I visited Linz to attend their Art Meets Radical Openness (AMRO), a Festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture. In it, among many other things, the mighty Wolfgang Spahn held a workshop on his Paper-Duino-Pi invention, a custom mod for Arduino that fits the Raspberry PI through the serial port and allows for flawless real-time interaction. Here is mine:

Soon thereafter, I had the chance to play around with it with the not less mighty violinist Corinna Canzian. In this video, we had PureData running on the Raspberry PI, with a microphone conected to the input port, and the intensity of the signal was mapped in real time to several LEDs installed in her fingers and bow. Neat!

TAGS: arduino, live electronics, puredata, raspberry pi